Wearing your Helmet

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Hello everyone, welcome back to my vehicles and engines blog. Today I wanted to talk about something that makes me angry every single day, people not wearing their helmets. I am staying in South East Asia right now and the amount of people you see zooming around on their $10,000 motor bike with no helmet drives me absolutely bonkers. More than once I have been driving down the road and see someone lying on the side of the road with their head split open and no helmet to be seen. It only took witnessing one of those accidents for me to realize that whenever I ride my bike I should wear my helmet.  Read more

The Best Motorcycle Manufacturers

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The Best Motorcycle Manufacturers 

Hey readers, welcome back to my vehicles blog. Today we are going to be talking about one of my favourite types of vehicles, motorcycles. The first official motorcycle was made in 1894 by Hildebrand and Wolfmuller, and since then the concept has taken off. Motorcycles are seen as a toy in most Western countries, especially those in the north as the times of year you can drive are severely limited by the snow and ice. For anyone in a third world country however, motorbikes are the way to go. I bought myself a used motorcycle from http://www.for-sale.co.uk  as the milage is great for zipping around the city on a single tank. Before buying I looked at some of the better manufacturers of motorcycles around the world, and came up with these.  Read more

Strange Car Merch

18/04/2017 Main

Hey you lovely people, I am happy to welcome you to my vehicle and engines blog. One of the things I have always loved about car design is how much innovation is involved. In the studios of most car makers you will find a host of non vehicle objects. Some of these are items meant to inspire, some meant to build desire and some meant to showcase the talent of the designers themselves. I took a look online and found some really cool gadgets and interesting merchandise that has little to do with their namesake, but are some cool products all the same. Read more


Mercedes - a class above

10/01/2017 Main
Mercedes - a class above

In 1926, and post World War One, the Mercedes- Benz brand was founded. After the war, large vehicle industries were encouraged to merge and form partnerships as governments tried to get their economies and finances back to normal.  The Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschatts ‘Mercedes’ was merged with Benz & CIE in 1924. Karl Benz’s 1886 Benz Motorwagen was seen as the very first gasoline powered automobile by many enthusiasts. It has since become one of the most recognizable brands on the planet. Read more

Ford Focus Review

05/01/2017 Main
Ford Focus Review

Hey guys, hope you are all doing well. I am doing great, getting back to writing my vehicles blog after a busy Christmas. My whole family came down for the holidays, and my dad surprised me with a Ford Focus he found on http://www.easyprices.com/cars-bikes-parts, where you can find the best prices online for anything. This resulted in him finding a great deal on the car, meaning I don’t feel as bad that I got a vehicle for Christmas and that he was able to include a pair of winter tires with it as well. This also meant, however, that I was the designated driver for the holidays, but that just gave me more time to get used to my new Ford Focus. Read more

The growing popularity of SUVs is unstoppable

02/12/2016 Main
SUV’s growing popularity unstoppable 

SUV or Sports Utility Vehicles have gained popularity globally at a vast rate over the past 20 - 25 years. Once upon a time they were only driven by lumberjacks in Alaska or farmers in Northern Scotland. Nowadays everybody with a family or anyone that plays golf has one, City dwellers, suburbians or countryside folk, they are everywhere. Read more

My BMW 530i

19/11/2016 Main
My BMW 530i

    Greetings and salutations everyone, and welcome back to my blog about all things vehicles. I recently got back from a short trip around Ireland, where I got my beloved car out of storage, Betsy. I had left the poor girl all alone for over a year and she understandably needed a little work after that. I searched for some BMW parts online and found lots for dirt cheap at http://www.for-sale.ie/, I would suggest checking them out for your next repair job. I completely replaces the brakes with racing style brakes and got a nice pair of racing slicks for it and hit the road. Read more


Public Transport

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Public Transport Read more

Learning to drive

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Learning to drive

Hi all, and welcome back to our vehicles blog. When I was invited to write a piece for this blog I was stumped, not only do I have limited knowledge of vehicles but I also have never driven any motorised vehicle. Well, saying I've never driven any motorised vehicle is a bit of a stretch, I can boast that I have driven a dodgem or bumper cars and once I tried to ride a scooter (I'll give you more on that later) I'm just studying for my theory and I start my first lesson next week, needless to say I have bought a few books offhttp://www.for-sale.co.uk/driving-theory-test-questions to help! Read more

On a budget?

04/11/2016 Main

On a budget? Read more

The Golf GTI

19/10/2016 Main
The Golf GTI

Welcome back guys.  Today we’re moving on a little from bikes and Harleys to their four-wheeled counterparts.  Today’s flavor of choice in the world of cars is a spicy one.  We’re going to look at the golden era of the ‘hot-hatch’, which as anyone fortunate enough to have lived in that era would know, I can only be talking about the 80s.  You may have tried your very best to forget the ridiculous haircut and the clothes you sported back then but you would never forget the all-time classic that is the VW Golf GTI.  After all, how could you? Read more


New Volkswagen Beetle Dune

07/10/2016 Main
New Volkswagen Beetle Dune

Not everyone is a fan of the Volkswagen Beetle. For me, personally, I grew up with them in the family so I have fond memories. I can’t say I’ve been buzzing as much about the newer models of Beetle but I have seen some pictures of the new Beetle Dune and it does like pretty cool, it has to be said. Read more


Buying White Oak Barrels for new Café

30/08/2016 Main
Buying White Oak Barrels for new Café

This year has been a really exciting year for me. Not only have I finished my art degree, but I now have the opportunity to open my own small café and shop. I’ve decided to use old barrels to make the furniture as I think they work well. I’ve been looking to buy second-hand oak barrels online to help save a bit of money. Read more

The art of sexuality...

13/05/2016 Main

I thought for today’s post I would discuss something a little controversial. I have always been very open minded and ones sexuality is no exception to this. Living in a highly religious country with extremely traditional gender roles and ideas on sexuality, this is quite a rare opinion to have! I think having a love for art and travel though has really helped to open my eyes and I have come to learn that people express themselves in many different ways and sexuality is of course one of these. Read more

Gaga for Gucci

11/04/2016 Main

Hello everyone, welcome back to my Art and Collectibles blog. Thank you for continuing to come back and read my blog articles. I am so glad that you find them interesting and it is great to read your comments and find out new and different things.   Read more

Crazy for Crockery

06/04/2016 Main

Hi everyone, so today I thought I would introduce you to another thing I love to collect and that is crockery. I love anything that is old and vintage and in particular Japanese and Moroccan inspired. I collect everything from cups, jugs, plates and dishes (to name but a few). If it can hold something then I will buy. I have stacks and stacks of items, a lot of which I sell because I cannot feasibly keep it all unfortunately! But my favourite pieces I will always keep and I make sure I have a good selection to hand when people come round. At the moment I have lots of little jugs from glass to pottery which I use to serve milk or water in. I also have lots of nice pots and plates which I fill with colourful Indian dips and serve with chapatti on the side. It’s so great to serve someone a drink or some food and for them to enjoy the vesicle it is presented in. Whenever people visit my home they are always so intrigued by this and always want to know where I have purchased my unusual crockery from. In answer to their question I pick up a lot of these items on my travels. Wherever I go I will pick up a random piece of crockery and will seek out second hand outlets that sell all manner of items. In South East Asia there are a lot of second hand stalls and charity shops that sell crockery from Japan. These places are literally a treasure trove full to the brim with unique and rare items. You have to have an eye for shopping though as there is a lot of tat to sort through before you find those treasured items! Here are a few of my favourite finds…   Read more

Antique filing cabinets

22/03/2016 Main

Hello everyone, Shabbal here again. Thanks for coming back to my blog! It is so great to have somewhere I can discuss all of the things I love to collect, as well as my favourite artists and just about everything that is weird and wonderful! Read more

Early Indian Cinema

10/03/2016 Main

Hello everyone, Shabbal here again. In this entry I want to talk about Indian cinema. Film is a big passion of mine, I dabbled with filming and directing in my youth following on in my uncles footsteps. It is something that I have since held very dear to my heart and I am constantly missioning to highlight, celebrate and progress Indian Cinema. I thought that first of all it would be good to write an overview of early Indian Cinema. Read more


02/02/2016 Main

Hello again everybody, this is Shabbal once more and this time I am going to offer you something completely different. I didn’t mention before that I am a big fan of music and especially the piano. I learned to play a little bit when I was a young boy, my grandfather was an expert on the piano and one of the best in the local area. He was almost famous! Unfortunately he died quite young and never got to hear me play today (although I am not that good, I still think it would make me proud).  So after he died I kind of stopped the lessons and more or less forgot about the piano. That was up until a few years ago when a chance meeting with an old school friend got me thinking about it. I explained to him that I am now very much into arts and collectibles and he suggested that I look into pianos the same way, as he could remember at school that I used to play, and how much I enjoyed it. It’s amazing what a chance meeting with someone can do. Read more

Indian Jewellery Collection

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Indian Jewellery Collection Read more

Harley Davidson

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Harley Davidson Read more

Amrita Shergil

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Amrita Shergil  Read more

My Favourite Indian Artists

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My Favourite Indian Artists Read more


My new blog

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Hello everybody my name is Shabbal and this is my new blog. I am interested in art and design. I also like old things and antiques that people like to collect. I have started this blog so we can talk about different Arts and different collections. Read more