Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

I’ve always been a big fan or Harley’s even though I don’t really ride myself. You may think this is a strange interest for a woman but I grew up with them as my grandfather owned many bikes through his life. He would take me on the back when I was a young girl, much to my mother’s dismay.

This article is about Harley Davidson, where they came from and where they’re heading next. Of course, you could always check out their Website for all the low-down and a look at their full range of bikes available to buy brand new. I’ve started with a brief look at their history and have then gone on to give a list of some of the new models due in 2016 and what new features and upgrades they have to offer.

A quick history lesson

Harley, is an American motorcycle manufacturer. The company was founded way back at the start of the 20th Century in 1903. It’s original home being Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was one of only two motorcycle companies to survive the Great Depression along with Indian Motorcycles. The companies seen many ownership changes along with many highs and lows in the 100 plus years that they’ve been in business. Today they’re the fifth largest motorcycle manufacture in the world and are one of the most popular in India. They have a very loyal following with many owner clubs and events being held worldwide each year.

It’s their range of style customization that gave birth to the chopper style motorcycle. They are generally marketed these days as heavyweight, air-cooled cruiser bikes with engine displacements equal to or greater than 700cc. They do now however have the contemporary VRSC manufactured from 2001 and the middle-weight street bikes that began production in 2014. They have several production factories in the US as well as factories in Brazil and India (Bawal) marketing its products worldwide.


Here’s what’s new in 2016:

Sportsters - Iron 883 & Forty-eight

The 2016 sportsters will be equipped with the new front and rear suspension. They’ll also come with a seat that’s more comfortable and has more support. They will also sport nitrogen-charged shock absorbers and internal valve stacks with 36mm pistons. Along with upgraded oil, this will help when driving over small bumps. The new cartridge fork will help to give a consistent feel throughout compression and extension making for a nicer overall driving experience over uneven surfaces. The oil lock system will help to prevent the wheels from hopping when braking hard suddenly.

The Iron 883 will have a raw and rough purpose to it. With the upgraded suspension, light-weight cast wheels and comfortable seat, this is likely to be a best-seller for Harley. The Forty-eight is being promoted as a ‘menacing’ bike with all its technical upgrades.



Fat Boy S & Softail Slim SI’ve listed some of the other models new for 2016 below:

The new cruisers both get the Eagle Twin Cam 110 engine with extra engine performance that was once only seen in CVO models. The Softail S has a modern military inspired look paying homage to post-war customs. Electronic cruise control with electronic shuttle control will come as standard.

 Road Glide Ultra

The new Road Glide will have better aerodynamics and improved long distance ergonomics for both the rider and passenger.  It sports a twin-cooled high output Twin Cam 103. The liquid cooling helps to boost power and torque, reducing engine heat from impacting the driver and passenger.

Heritage Softail Classic

This bike combines style with smooth counterbalance performance. Again, this sports the Twin Cam 103 engine. You also get the electronic cruise control and stronger support for a comfier ride.                                      




That’s my brief summary on the history of Harley Davidson and what’s new for the company entering into 2016. If you’re a fan of Harley but are maybe after something older and a little cheaper, check out second-hand Harleys online. The reason why a lot of people are put off the brand is usually the price. Compared to say Royal Enfield, which is also a very popular brand that’s manufactured in India, the prices start a lot higher and go up to crazy numbers once you go up through the range.

I can recommend a site called http://www.for-sale.in, search Harley Davidson for sale on their website to see what they have on offer. There’s a Harley Davidson 48 on the 2nd page of search results that I quite look the look at and that’s not badly priced.

Thanks for reading my blog, see you for the next article hopefully.